Our Trainers

Sarah Wills


Sarah is a mum, a mentor and an founder of global Mindfulness and Fitness movement, WTribe. Sarah is seeking to transform the entire fitness industry by removing the barriers to success, particularly for women, based around unattainable ideas of perfection and unrealistic physicality.

Jackie Skelton


Jackie's passion to become a coach comes from a genuine desire to help others find enjoyment in all things fitness. Sometimes nicknamed the "Energiser Bunny," Jackie is sure welcome you to any of her classes with a huge smile and contagious enthusiasm. She loves leading high energy classes as well as being our resident Zumba instructor.

Melissa Keenan


Mel is a trainer who truly cares about connection through shared goals of health and wellness. In our MOVE or CONNECT classes with Mel you will discover her genuine passion to inspire women and men, all ages, all body types and all abilities to be the best they can be.

Megan Williams-Tonks


Megan Williams Tonks is a Nutritional Therapist, Personal Trainer and Body Image Coach helping women transform their relationship with food and exercise to create the life and body of their dreams! She specialises in mat Pilates and running coaching, but loves teaching across many styles! After experiencing obesity, body image issues and then a weight-loss that became a swing toward disordered eating, she now inspires women to learn from her mistakes and get off the endless dieting and weight-loss ride. Megan supports people getting results in their body, spirit and mind from a place of love, mindfulness and compassion.

Central Coast  |  New South Wales  |  Australia


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