Starting Monday 18 January 2021


Kickstart your year by investing in YOU!

Join our Tribe of amazing women as we work on strengthening:

YOUR MIND: with LIVE mindfulness activities and sessions.

YOUR BODY: with Weekly STRENGTH based exercise sessions as well as meal plans to suit the adventurous, the simple families and vegans.

YOUR TRIBE: with our online community and access to both Sarahs' throughout the entire challenge. We are stronger together.

Please note: This is NOT another crazy new years diet or exercise program. This program is about giving you the tools to create and sustain wellness for you and your family.



18 January 2021 - 27 February 2021


  • Earn points for workouts, nutrition & accountability tasks
  • Two live workouts each week which are also available to playback anytime throughout the challenge. These workouts will be STRENGTH based for this challenge
  • Daily exercise targets- get out and move your body 6 out of 7 days for 30 mins
  • Weekly meal plans, shopping lists & recipes from a qualified Naturopath and Nutritionist
  • Choose from our ' Swift but Strong Meal Plan', 'Sass it Up Meal Plan 'or 'Powered by Plants Meal Plan'.
  • A Weekly Mindfulness session where you will be taught mindfulness tools and activities

  • Live meal prep & cooking demonstrations

  • Access to all WLive Centre workouts including high intensity, pilates, dance and more

  • Access to the Online Challenge's private Facebook group 

  • Earn extra points with bonus challenges

  • Challenge Journal* 

  • Recipes & meal plans for the whole 6 weeks*

  • Accountability planners*

    *Downloadable PDF

• Highest Points &

• Woman of the Squad



Starting Monday 18 January 2021


Here I am 6 weeks later and feeling comfortable in swimmers by the pool with my kids! Enough to take and post a selfie.


 I’m proud to have stuck with it and excited for what’s to come. Choosing nourishing foods and exercising for at least half an hour a day has given me so much more energy. Thank you to this beautiful group for the daily love and support, you’re all amazing.


SO grateful for the physical, mental and family focus shift.


Strong in Mind, Strong in Body, Strong in Tribe


Anyone else find it amazing to fit a “fitness challenge” that doesn’t have the pressure of daily weigh in & weight loss goal focused, but is focused on healthy mind & body, which is so much more sustainable & sooo much better?


I feel more body positive, strong, and determined has shifted my life in the right direction. Can't wait to join and be with you all again for the next challenge.


A big thank you to both of you for creating this challenge it has changed my mindset I am worthy and I do need to look after myself more xx


Frequently asked questions

What will I receive for the meal plans?

You will be given a choice of 3 different meal plans that you can choose from. Each meal plan will have 3 weeks of meals that you can then repeat- or switch to the other plans. The meal plans are 'fancy meal plan', 'family friendly meal plan' and 'vegan meal plan'.

Are the meals family friendly?

What my family eats is probably very different to what your family eats. In saying that, all meal plans are customisable by accessing the recipes and switching out the meals that don’t suit your families needs.

Do we need to count calories?

No. We don’t cut calories or deprive our bodies here. This is about learning to choose great, nutritious food to fuel our bodies and make us feel great. Rather than a strict diet, you will receive 2 weeks of each of the three plans (swift but strong, powered by plants, sass it up) for you to be able to make better and sustainable choices for your family, and learn some things along the way!

I have dietary requirements, can I still do the program?

We offer a choice of an omnivore or vegan plan. If you have a complex or specific dietary requirement, our nutritionist Katie is available to create a personalised meal plan for you, at a special price for our members. Contact her at info@katieholohan.com

Are the workouts suitable for all fitness levels?

Absolutely, we will provide both low and high impact variations for all workouts to ensure a day 1 member, and a competent member are both able to train and challenged, and we will be doing them with you!

What time are the live workouts?

These are not confimed at this stage. If you can't make the live workouts then they are available for you to watch back at any time after the live has finished. You can access all the recordings as many times as you LIKE throughout the challenge

What happens if I am unable to make the live workouts?

The workouts are recorded and uploaded to be accessed by members any time, along with a library of workouts to choose from.

Are the workouts suitable for pregnancy and post partum?

Always get a clearance from your doctor if you have any health considerations, but we will be providing low impact exercises in every workout to ensure all levels are accounted for.

I have an injury/ health consideration, can I participate?

See your doctor or physiotherapist for a clearance and information on what your body can do. We will provide low impact options and make them known for those with health considerations. You can then choose what your body is feeling ready for that day.

Do I need gym equipment to participate?

Yes, being a STRONG focus in this challenge, you will be required to access some dumbbells and a kettlebell. We will provide some options of where to purchase these in your journal.

How long are the workouts?

45 minutes inlcuding warm up and cool down

Is there a limited amount of spots?

Yes, very limited! We want to make the challenge accessible for all, but it needs to be small and intimate for the community and connections to be strong. We know women thrive when they are supported and loved.

Will there be more rounds?

We hope so! We would love to keep the challenges running, but we need your support!

Will you help me love my body?

We are going to try! We truly believe that to make changes to our lifestyle and health, we must first change our mindset and learn how to fight back against our negative self talk and self sabotage.

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